Desktop Donation Box

Desktop Donation Box

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Our chic desktop donation box with built-in Instant Karma affords donors multiple ways to give—via cash, mobile pay, and all major cards.

Place the box at your front desk, near an exhibit, in an outdoor space, private gala, shopping plaza. This cost-effective hybrid of tradition and technology is guaranteed to amplify your fundraising goals.

Don’t miss out on cashless contributions. Electronic giving increases the average cash donation amount by 300 percent. Some nonprofits have seen a 600 percent boost!


Built by craftsmen in the USA with the finest and most durable materials.

The desktop donation box stays in place, secured from theft, and is a beacon to ignite donations.

Transactions are fully encrypted, eliminating the risk of fraud; the device is completely tamper-proof.

Our expert designers will customize your products for brand awareness and audience attraction.

Meet your donors wherever they are, and accept donations anywhere with a cell signal, no internet connection necessary.