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Accept tap, dip, or swipe donations in a flash.

Cashless convenience makes giving clean and easy. Empower a healthy future with contactless technology. Revolutionary devices securely accept donations via contactless pay and all major cards, no hand-to-hand contact with people, currency, or traditional terminals required. 

Instant Karma—our small, lightweight, user-friendly donation tool—may be logo branded and integrated into interactive displays to engage donors and inspire charitable gifts, with or without an attendant. Optimal, tailor-made products will benefit your patrons, purpose, and prosperity. 

Short-Term Event Rentals
Instant Karma for Your Next Fundraiser
Starting at $49 per event.
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The Ultimate Showstopper
Hybrid Cash Donation Boxes
Introduce mobile pay and card donations to a new or existing donation box.
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Your nonprofit sales wizard
Clover Go
Sell merchandise, registrations, auction items, and more; no contact necessary.
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